Welcome !

This page is currently a work in progress.

The intent of these pages is to allow the viewer to sit back and virtually walk
the path amidst the lively and sometimes serene sounds of Vivaldi’s Four
Seasons. The concept was born in October of 2000, out of a desire to make
a further commemoration to Lucian Kemble, OFM. A Franciscan Friar and
dear friend of mine who passed away in February 1999.

The path that you see is the path that he and I used to walk so often,
deliberating in discussions of faith and life itself.

To compensate for the terrible sense of loss that I felt, and to somehow let the
world know that it would never be the same now that Lucian was gone,
I came up with the idea of sharing this favourite walk of mine.

This page has been designed for larger monitors using 1024 x 786 resolutions. I did however look at these pages with a 15" monitor and it worked quite well. This site was also designed for high speed processors and internet connections such as ADSL or cable.

The photographs of this path were taken at the Mount Saint Francis Retreat Centre in Cochrane, Alberta. For more information on Lucian, please see my regular web site at:

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